Students Association



The University of Saint Joseph Students’ Association is an independent student body made up of students that conduct activities and services for the benefit of students first; acting as a bridge between the students and the administration. It is our wish to help bring about an active and progressive university experience. Using rational and transparent methods, with a healthy dose of creativity, as we work for the betterment of USJ student life and the university.

Structure Executive Committee

The elected group that creates activities, services, etc. Supervisory Committee: The ones that supervise the Executive Committee. General Assembly: They make sure the Students’ Association is following the By-Laws.


  1. To advance the academic excellence and enhance the competitiveness of the students;
  2. To increase students’ sense of belonging to the University and summon their spirit of patriotism and their love of Macao;
  3. To act as a bridge between the student body and the University authority and create a harmonious atmosphere at the University;
  4. To foster a spirit of unity among students and encourage them to contribute their best to society;
  5. To promote the welfare and protect the rights of the student body;
  6. To cultivate good cooperative relations with organisations inside and outside the University.
 Official statement can be found in our By-Laws: Chapter 1, Article 2, Objectives.

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