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Equality and Diversity Policy

Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy

2020-2021 University Calendar

2018-2019 Online Student Handbook

*All information in these handbooks are subject to revision, and, from time to time, changes are made in the content such as rules and regulations

Safe School Network Bulletin by The Youth Concern Group of Judiciary Police  

Mar 2021 Issue – Beware of Internet Scam

A local school reported that the social media accounts of some students were used by fraudsters to defraud their friends after the students have rented out their accounts for third party use. As such, the Judiciary Police urges youngsters to stay vigilant against strangers: never rent out or let others use your social media accounts for money transfer nor disclose your personal information to strangers lest you may fall prey to crimes.

Feb 2021 Issue – Online Gambling

The Judiciary Police urge young people to stay away from online gambling. Some people see gambling as a game that gives them fast money. Unfortunately they are not aware of the facet hat fraudsters set up illegal gambling website with the intention to defraud them. Addicted students may seemingly become miserable in life and in their study.

Jan 2021 Issue – Internet fraudsters

The Judiciary Police has recently received report from a teenager, indicating that criminals have been using internet social platforms to conduct fraudulent activities. Fraudsters solicit victims through claiming “zero cost and high returns in a short period of time”, then leading them into believing that they could earn decent rewards in record time simply by purchasing goods or investing online, and defrauding money in the process. Students are reminded to be vigilant when searching for part-time jobs and refrain from seeking to earn quick money on the internet.

Dec 2020 Issue

A video of a fight among students at a sport court has made its way to the Internet. According to Article 137 of the Macao Penal Code, offenders who cause bodily harm to others could face a maximum penalty of 3 years’ imprisonment upon conviction; Article 138 of the same code states that if someone causes severe bodily harm to others could receive 10 years’ imprisonment upon conviction. The Judiciary Police urge students to remain calm when there is a brawl or disagreement among each other, try to be understanding and compassionate towards others. Remember it is against the law to cause injuries to others.

Nov 2020 Special Issue – Stay Vigilant Against Sexual Abuse

Due to the recent sexual abuse cases in Macao, the Judiciary Police created a video about the importance of finding help or calling the police if anyone believes they are being followed by strangers. Click HERE to view the video and feel free to share with your friends and family.

Nov 2020 Issue – Naked Chat Scams

Naked chat scams have resurfaced in recent months. Fraudsters set up bogus social media accounts and invited victims to join them for a chat which quickly became sexual. Gullible victims were taped while they talked to their new friends naked and were extorted for money later. Students are reminded to be highly alert when it comes to giving out personal information on the internet or accepting friend’s requests from strangers.

Oct 2020 Issue – Prevention of Sexual Abuse

A police report has been made by the owner of a private tuition centre regarding one of its tutors inappropriately touching private parts of female students there. Accordingly to Article 166 of the Macao Penal Code, anyone who engages a minor under 14 years old in sexual acts may face a maximum penalty of 10 years’ imprisonment.

Sep 2020 Issue – Prevention of Bullying in Campus

There is a recent case which involved bullying, threat and extortion among teenagers. The victim was threatened and extorted for money in a deserted place near school by a group of youngsters, in which the youngest was only 11 years old. Please be reminded that verbal abuse, threat, extortion or wounding committed in real life or online are criminal offences. We should remain calm when there is a conflict between peers.

Jul 2020 Issue – Beware of celebrity meet-and-greet scam

Some conmen contacted the fans of a Hong Kong celebrity and offered them an exclusive meet and greet for money (US$2500). The victim realised it could be a scam and reported the incident to the police. The Judiciary Police urge the public not to fall for the scam and beware of people whom they meet on social media. (Read more…)

Jun 2020 Issue – Prevention of Sexual Harassment on Campus

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